Family owned and operated since 2005.

Concrete Doctors was founded in 2005 by Sherman Roth after moving to the Ozarks from Minneapolis, MN. While in the military he became a proficient welder and later followed in his father’s footsteps honing his masonry and concrete form fabrication skills.

He soon became a specialist in a technique called Mud-Jacking, and found he had a creative eye when it came to brick & stone design. Though our staff have many skills in the building industry, Concrete Doctors specializes in brick and stone fabrication & repair.

Keeping our focus on creative masonry allows us to offer the very best quality services in this specialized niche so that customers can expect the finest quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and the personal attention that they deserve.

Sherman Roth fabricating a custom, curved brick and stone threshold & steps.

Arnold Roth

Arnold Roth, Sherman’s Father and partner.

Husker Roth

Concrete Doctor’s Vice-President and site supervisor, Husker Roth.