Questions? Ask the Doctors.

Q: My driveway has cracks — do I need to replace it?

A: Not necessarily, concrete caulk can camouflage cracks and keep damaging water and ice out for years to come.

Q: My sidewalk has sunk making a step taller and more difficult to climb — do I need to replace the entire sidewalk?

A: Not always. We employ a system called Mud Jacking to raise the sunken section and quickly put it back into place.

Q: Why should I have my driveway or chimney sealed?

A: Sealer protects your driveway, sidewalk, patio, and chimney from water and ice damage and stains. We also offer products that seal, resurface and add color to worn and/or faded areas.

Q: My driveway is dirty and stained and looks terrible. Can you make it look new again without replacing it?

A: Yes, we can rejuvenate it and protect your concrete investment year after year (See our personalized maintenance plans).