Weather-Guard Your Property with Concrete Doctors.

Our premier Maintenance Plan can save you thousands of dollars in future repair work, and keeps your property safer and more attractive year around.

  • Our Driveway Maintenance Plan includes an annual power wash and application of waterproof sealer to keep your concrete protected and healthy. We caulk cracks or separations in driveway joints to keep ice damage from getting a foot-hold on your drive.
  • Our chimney Brick Maintenance Plan includes annual inspections, caulking of cracks and separations and waterproofing of top cap & brick.
  • Our Snow & Ice Damage Prevention Service includes removal of snow of 1 inch or more from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.
Ice and snow are the primary enemy of your concrete, stone and brick.
cracked and damaged pavement

Every year, moisture collects in the cracks of your masonry work. As it freezes, water expands as it turns to ice and breaks apart calking, creates separations & cracks, and can eventually destroy your chimney, brick mailbox, driveway, and even the main structure itself — your home.

actual customer jobsite

Years of ice and snow have pushed the blocks surrounding this brick mailbox apart. We can repair this damage, but we’d prefer to prevent it with one of our affordable maintenance plans.