What to expect when Concrete Doctors are on site.

Once you have chosen Concrete Doctors, we will provide a detailed bid and proposal for the work you want done. We then schedule an anticipated work start-date. Typically, Concrete Doctors requests a portion of payment on the first day of construction to cover material costs.

To make things easy, we’ll contact you a few days before and materials will be delivered so we can begin. We also contact you ahead of time to let you know we’re coming.

Once we arrive to begin work, we’ll discuss the job by going over our proposal one more time with you to be sure we understand exactly how you want the job done.

We will park a company truck and trailer on your driveway (unless your drive is what we are working on) and begin set-up. We will never park on your lawn or grassy areas without permission, but sometimes this may be necessary. We are always careful to protect your lawn, landscapes, driveway, decks, and surrounding property. We take these same precautions with cement mixers when needed on premises.

We keep the area as clutter-free and neat as possible as we work on your property. When finished with the project, your driveway, sidewalk, decks, etc. will be swept and blown off. A large yard magnet will be used in the front and back yards to pick up any loose nails or metal scraps, and your property will be restored from “construction mode” to “living mode”.

Expert cement application

Courteous workers respect your life
Care in finishing concrete

Though any construction work requires large trucks and people working on your property, we realize that you still work and live on premises. Therefore we are considerate of our customers, their family, and visitors while we work as quickly as possible to complete a quality project.

Before the final invoice is processed, Sherman will personally go over what has been done for you to ensure the work surpasses your expectations. Payment in full will be due at that point, and our work is guaranteed for 90 days.

We respect your property when invited to work on it.